Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick Hits Of Knowledge

1. Fuck John McCain. It's funny how one side gets pissed when the other does the same shit they been doing. Politicians, as a rule, can go fuck themselves. They all suck, and to varying degrees, they're all disgusting human beings who lie for a living.

In case you're too lazy to click the link, Harry Reid (a Dem), back in 2008, said that Obama could win because he's light-skinned and doesn't speak with "Negro dialect." Use of the word Negro aside (seriously who the fuck still says Negro), Reid didn't say anything that isn't true. If Chris Rock had said it nobody would give a fuck. Cuz we all know that a light-skinned (half-Black even) bruh who "speaks so well" is the best chance Black people could have to get in the White House.

So anyway Republicans are pissed cuz Obama pretty much doesn't seem to care that Reid said that, and it seems that Reid will keep his job and position as Senate Majority leader. Really I could care less. Obama knows that cats see him as Black before anything else, so this revelation really didn't open his eyes to anything. I'm sure Reid will be punished in some other, stealthier way. Issue deaded as far as everyone but Republicans and other stick-uptight-in-their-ass people are concerned

2. Black Rob needs to get outta jail and stay outta jail. Today I rediscovered his two albums, and my feeling is hip-hop needs Black Rob. Real good story, realistic thug-rap.

3. Fuck my job. That shit has ruined my creative mood since TPRH was finished. Gotta find something new, VERY fast. For various reasons my writer's block is crazy, and I'm sure the job is a part of that. Fuck real life in general, in college it was much easier to get inspired.

4. Go download Da Vinci's mixtape!! Don't just listen to it, download it. Post comments with your thoughts on it

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